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Calling All CC Users and Creators


I’m pleased to announce the creation of S4CC Wiki, a directory of custom content for The Sims 4 allowing users to find the content they need more easily.

S4CC Wiki lists links to pages where you can download custom content, and is categorized into categories that allow for easy browsing. Want Red content? Search the “Red” category. The directory also has categories dedicated to specific Maxis-made meshes, so if you’re looking for new swatches for that specific CAS part, they’re easy to find! No more wrecking through multiple sites to find exactly what you want!

Of course… at the time of this announcement, the site is empty. More content will continue to be added, and hopefully in the future it will become the best place to find custom content with ease. S4CC Wiki is a wiki, so anyone is free to edit it. Anyone interested can add new content to the directory, whether it’s their own or someone elses.


Let’s make CC browsing a more pleasant process for Simmers!

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The Sims 4 books though. Can’t handle it.

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The No Blur in the Distance mod, by Shimrod, has changed my Sims 4 life! No more shorted-sighted My Little Poney’s point of view! ;) Still a bit plastic, but such an improvement!

That’s the street where Babette and her husband are living by the way. I’m happy that you can have kinda of neighborhood view, because the Open Neighborhood is something I miss the most (with dishwashers… *chuckle*).

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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Deleting Cache Files



You may have noticed that the more you play The Sims 4, the longer your loading screens will last.

This issue is caused by Cache Files collecting as you progress through the game. These files serve it’s purpose as a faster way of loading in-game thumbnails (such as families, houses etc.) and they are created each time you load something ”new”.

As you add more custom content and mods for the game,…

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Hi all -

Exciting news! I’ve had the pleasure of contributing in a small way to a great new program for editing Sims 4 custom content. We’re now ready for alpha release, and want you to check it out!

Read more about it and download here:
The Sims 4 Studio v1.0

In this version of the app, you can create replacement or standalone recolors, with multiple variants per package file (with their own swatches). You can also create new meshes for accessories and shoes (clothing and hair coming ASAP). The program integrates with Blender for an accurate, smooth 3D preview as you work. They’re also planning to add functionality for custom animations.

Please take a look, and reblog so everyone sees the good news!

<3 helaene

All coding credit to the amazing Sims 4 Group at Simlogical!

Amazing job! Looking forward to clothing/hairs addition!

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Princess Rapunzel’s Tower built in The Sims 4

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Granny’s Kitchen  奶奶的鄉村廚房

20x15 Lot

Now up on the Sims4 Gallery. My Origin ID is: RubyRed_1023

Thank you!  ✿◠‿◠

此房屋已經分享 請搜尋我的ID喔! 謝謝你們 ^^

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Container house series for seasons


Wood container house (12x18)

: Indoor - Studio, Toilet 1
  Outdoor - Pool, Terrace, Parking 1

  More screenshot.

This house require expansion packs that World adventure+Late night(essential!).
CC include this folder. Thanks to download, and thanks to all CC creators.

Full version (All furniture)  l  Download
Empty house  l  Download

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My family grew bigger and I ended up doing a redesign again…. WELP. now I just have to make Ryuu less macho and Yuuta thinner

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So far, The Sims 4 has a disappointing 2.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.  When looking at only the reviews with the “Verified Purchase" tag that low rating still bears up.  "Disappointed" "bamboozled" and "waste of money" is a common theme among the reviews.

Amazon is only one source of feedback, of course.  The first impressions from around the community (from fans) have been fairly upbeat and positive I think — even with the disappointment over the missing features people have come to expect from a Sims base game. 

We’re still waiting for The Sims 4 reviews from the gaming press due to EA’s decision not to give out the customary advance review copies.  Some are offering preliminary feedback though:

  • The Sims 4 Review In Progress —IGN
  • Sims 4 Real World: Recognizing your Joystiq in The Sims 4 (Livestream) —joystiq
  • What’s new, what’s missing and what’s bizarre in The Sims 4 —Polygon
  • Where Is Our Review Of The Sims 4? —GameInformer
  • My First Few Hours With The Sims 4 —Kotaku
  • The Sims 4 user impressions are not particularly positive —IncGamers

Source:  Amazon

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